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TR90 Frames for Glasses

MyGrupLimited offers wholesale wide range of TR-90 frames for glasses. Thanks to TR90 material all the frames are light, flexible, unbreakable, antibacterial and antiallergic, does not deform and does not contain additives such as BPA and bisphenol.

TR90 plastic frames for glasses are lighter than metal frames. This is the reason of why doctors recommend wearing TR-90 glasses.

TR90 material is importing from Sweden and all our glasses frames are made in Turkey. Factory production capacity is 80,000 units per month. 128 color frames in our wide range of products available. All our eyeglass frames produce on behalf of our partner factories or by the customer’s brand name. All the frames are certified, accounting documents for overseas sales are available.

Find a full range of glasses frames in our catalogue: https://yadi.sk/i/Buy9Vh8gpynTE.

For any enquires and quotation please contact us at email.