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Fakir Hausgerate

Fakir Hausgerate is the leader trade mark of houshold appliances in Turkey and in the world thanks to it’s wide range of household appliances produced with German technologies.

Nowdays more than 150 kind of appliances are produce under Fakir Hausgerate TM including dry, wet and steam cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, carpet cleaning machines, kitchen appliances, irons, personal care products, health products, air humidifiers, air cleaners, dehumidifiers, fan heaters, scales, dryer, fans and water heaters.

Fakir Hausgerate TM has become Turkey’s and world’s favourite and trustable trade mark within a short period. During 27 years this brand offers it’s customers high-quality trustworthy products.

MyGrupLımıted is official represenrative of Fakir Hausgerate trade mark with the right to give and open distribution in many countries. For enquires please contact us at email.