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MyGruplimited is the group of companies includes the trade company of the same name which specialises in import and export of any Turkish, German, Russian, Ukranian goods and the ones from other countries; and the insurance company Barcag Sigorta which is included in the hundred of the biggest Turkish insurance companies out of 5600 and provides protection and gives guarantees of international trade operations.

  • The MyGruplimited Trade Company was founded in Istanbul (Turkey) and has successfully established their presence on the global market since 2010.
  • Our managers speak Turkish, Russian, English, German and Ukrainian fluently.
  • We specialise only in wholesale business.

Reliability and security

MyGruplimited is the only Turkish company which is totally 100% responsible for all the deals we make. Currently we do not have competitors and our offer is unique. Unlike many companies-middlepersons we give you a guarantee that you get a high quality item directly meeting your inquiry. We take all production and delivery risks. In case the item doesn’t meet your requirements, we guarantee the item to be replaced or return the deposit.

Turkish and German goods

We cooperate with major plants and manufacturing businesses in Turkey, Germany and Switzerland and are main direct wholesale suppliers of clothes, shoes, automotive paints, lens and many other goods. You may find more information about our partners in Goods section

Suppliers and buyers from Turkey, Germany and Switzerland

Are you interested in importing Turkish, German and Switzerland goods? Would you like to produce goods under your own brand in Turkey?

Our specialists find the best producers, offer you goods at the best wholesale price and organize delivery to Russia, Ukraine, Kazachstan and other countries.

Would you like to export your own products to Turkey, Germany or Switzerland?

We find major wholesalers, negotiate the best price for you and organize the delivery of your goods.

Would you like to deliver goods by your own means?

Goods are delivered with the help of our trusted partners or by your own means as you like.

For further cooperation write to marketing@mygruplimited.com
or make a phone call to Istanbul + 90 (216) 553-44-53