Wholesale goods from Turkey, Germany and Switzerland
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Exotic Leathers, Skins and Furs

MyGrupLimited offers raw and tanning oistrich leather wholesale. We export oistrich skin and legs of A, B, C and D categories all over the world. Shipping is free for our customers! All the leathers are imported to Turkey.

Besides, you can buy wholesale other exotic leathers and furs as below:
• Crocodile
• Ostrich feather and skin
• Python
• Chinchilla
• Sable
• Lynx
• Astragan
• Fox
• Rex
• Mink
• Raccoon
• Cavallino
• Kangaroo

We will be glad to see you in our manufacture in Istanbul (Turkey) where you can find out the highest quality of the leathers, skins and furs. For further information, please contact us at email.

Luxury shoes

Noble men’s high class footwear made of typical veal and exotic leather: lizard, goat (leather with thin fur layer), crocodile and alligator, deer, ostrich, python. If you are a quality connoisseur you’ll much value premium class German footwear.

Leather jackets

Only natural leathers and furs are used in high quality demi-season and winter jackets both for men and women. We can manufacture the same models of different materials to your choice. If you have your own brand we can produce clothes with your logo. Our catalogue is available below to download.

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