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nilco Marine Yacht Care Products

nilco Marine is a Turkish brand which includes a range of eco-friendly clean, protect, polish and care products for yachts. MyGrupLımıted Company is the official representative of TM nilco Marine with the right selection of distributors and opening distribution offices around the world. Contact us at email to buy wholesale boat care products.

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Oil and Raw Materials

We offer wholesale oil petroleum products and raw materials. Please send your requests for products you are interested on our email.

Alley Household Chemicals

Alley is a modern brand of high-quality household chemicals. All the chemicals made on the newest technologies and are characterized by high cleaning properties. Beautiful and attractive designed packages draws attention of visitors of markets and will help to increase your sales. Our product range includes all kinds of necessary household products:
• Laundry powder detergent Alley Manual and Alley Automat,
• Alley fabric softerner (Summer Rain, Rose Passion, Violet Secret),
• Alley liquid soap (Spring Flower, Aromatic, Floral),
• Alley liquid laundry detergent (White and Colored, Black Care, Wool and silk Care),
• Alley dishwashing machine powder detergent, dishwashing machine rinser, dishwashing machine salt, dishwashing liquid lemon and apple, Allgon Anti Lime.
• Alley glass cleansers,
• Alley Oxy Power for carpets and upholstery,
• Alley Multi Plus multipurpose liquid detergent,
• Alley Climax conditioner cleaner,
• Alley Active 5 in 1 mold cleaner,
• Alley Power Prо cleaners for bathroom and kitchen,
• Alley Steel stainless steel surface polish,
• Alley scouring powder for bathroom and kitchen (Lemon, Pine),
• Alley cream cleanser for bathroom and kitchen (Pine, Lemon, Ammonia),
• Alley WC cleaners,
• Alley wood cleaners,
• Alley carpet shampoo,
• Alley all purpose cleaners (Pine-Scented, Dream Garden).

MyGrupLimited company is an official distributor of Alley trade mark. We offer wholesale houshold chemicals produced in Turkey. You can buy Alley products in bulk at manufacture prices. Besides, we can produce all the variety of cleaners, detergents and other products under your brand. See the Alley catalogue below. For any enquires and quotation please contact us via email.

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