Wholesale goods from Turkey, Germany and Switzerland
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Guarantee of the deal
MyGuplimited is the only Turkish company which is totally 100% responsible for all the deals we make. Currently we do not have competitors and our offer is unique. Unlike many companies- middlepersons we give you a guarantee that you get a high quality item directly meeting your inquiry. We take all production and delivery risks. In case the item doesn’t meet your requirements, we guarantee the item to be replaced or return the deposit.

Comprehensive approach
Tell us what kind of goods you would like to sell or buy — the rest is our business. MyGruplimited specialists find major producers or buyers, negotiate the best price for you, control how well the goods meet your requirements before dispatch and organize the delivery to your stock.

We value your time and do our work fast at all the stages meeting the deadline.

Our team is a group of good specialists in marketing and sales. We stick to a systems approach and choose companies which are really interested in a longterm beneficial partnership. Quality is always our main criterion from filling the order form to providing the supply and communications with the client after closing the deal. We are trade representatives of over 30 countries-manufacturers. Since the company was founded we have made several hundreds deals.

Good knowledge of local culture
To do a successful business in other countries it is not just enough to follow legal procedures correctly. Any society values people who are familiar with and respect their culture. We have lived 20-40 years in Turkey, Germany, Russia and Ukraine and have colaborated with European, Arabian and Persian companies. This contributes to the fact that we deeply know cultural and business features in these countries. Be sure that whatever country you choose we will become not only your reliable business partner but also your local culture guide.

For further cooperation write to marketing@mygruplimited.com
or make a phone call to Istanbul + 90 (216) 553-44-53